Search engine visibility matters.

SEM is your fast-tracked ticket there.

You need your customers to find you on search engines, and the fastest way to get there is with SEM. But you can’t just do it willy-nilly. You need a gameplan to make sure your ad spend isn’t going down the drain. We’re here to create, optimise, and fine-tune your campaigns to ensure every dollar spent drives growth for your business.

Why SEM?

Search engine marketing (SEM) is the most predictable, scalable, and surefire way to get future customers reaching out to you. That’s because with SEM, you’re paying the search engines for visibility. But if throwing some money at the almighty Search Engine were enough to deliver results, then we’d all be driving around in (insert luxury car brand name here). 

Crappy keywords, poorly structured ads, slow landing pages; all these things will tank your returns just as quickly as your ads popped up in the first place. Getting your campaigns in the green and keeping them there as you scale requires constant attention, tweaking, optimising, and methodical oversight. More specifically, effective SEM management requires:

Network =

Testing =
actionable data

Keywords =
qualified leads

Bid strategy =
budget optimisation

Refinement =

We’re Crescospec, and that’s what we do.

We create, optimise, and fine tune your campaigns to turn them into revenue driving machines. 

Every tiny detail matters, and we know that. We’re strategic and methodical in our management, ensuring every click drives growth.

Effective SEM campaigns take seasoned veterans. Account managers who are on the front lines implementing, reacting, and refining campaigns to enhance returns from ad spend.

Let us show you what we’re talking about.

Getting you the most from every single click.


Keywords are at the very foundation of search engines – they’re where it all begins. You need to find the right keywords with the right intent. That’s just a fancy way of saying the keywords that make you money. That’s ground zero, and that’s the first thing we do.


Every click matters. Every penny spent needs to make you more than a penny. You can’t have a campaign on “set and forget”. We get that. That’s why we manage SEM accounts on a daily basis. We consistent monitor, refine, and repeat for delivering consistent growth.


Our straightforward reporting shows you the data that matters in a way that’s easy to interpret. We deliver confidence in your return on investment, and are a call away any time you want to collab. We work as an extenson of your team to get you back on top of your game.


Strategically chosen SEO keywords are applied to the content on-page, as well as to the code of your website. WordPress and Shopify have very different formats for technical SEO, and we know both.

Page Authority.

Google searches through your “backlinks” to determine your page authority. If you have lots of high-quality links, your page has a high authority score. We help you network and build your authority.


Here’s how we measure success, understand where you rank for individual keywords, and improve upon your successes. We provide you with simple SEO reporting dashboards that show your progress in a way that’s straightforward and easy to understand.


Our Work.


Grey Space Advisory is a prominent accounting and business advisory firm in Australia, dedicated to assisting small businesses with their financial and strategic needs.


Marrawuy Journeys is an Australian travel agency specialising in creating bespoke destination experiences.


NKG Management Services is an Australian company specialising in fraud and risk management.


Ambro Controls, a member of the Bromic Group, specialises in innovative HVAC system maintenance solutions, offering portable and ...


One Warehousing & Distribution, part of the FAA Group, provides comprehensive third-party logistics and distribution services across ...


Yirigaa is an Australian company that focuses on providing consultancy and project management services, incorporating Indigenous perspectives and expertise.

Grow with SEM.

You need your customers to find you on search engines, and the fastest way to get there is with SEM.

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What is "SEM"?
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SEM, short for Search Engine Marketing, refers to paid advertisements on search engines. These advertisements look like regular search results, but include sponsored” or “advertisement” next to them indicating paid placement.

SEM is a powerful way to quickly obtain a strong presence within search engines, and do it fast. In contrast to SEO which takes time, SEM can start showing a return on investment within the first couple of weeks.

Paying for the ads is just the first step towards a positive return on investment. A professional management company makes sure things are structured correctly and fine-tuned in real time to make the most of every dollar spent. 

We use Google Ads, since Google is the most widely used search engine. Their vast advertising network and user base allows us to get your site in front of the most people.


Get back on top of your game.

Behind every successful business is a successful digital partner- and a desk full of snacks for when that 3pm slump hits. When you partner with Crescospec you get your own cheer squad of industry experts.

But we do more than stand on the sidelines and wave some pompoms around. We go up to bat for you. Every time. We tap into your full potential to develop digital products that are authentic to your brand, approach and goals.

Working with Crescospec will be the best decision you’ve made all quarter- just ask our mates:


Not anymore.

It’s time to ditch the dull and join us in creating something that’s worth talking about.